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150618 | Housing development on the land off Trevassack/Viaduct Hill | Hayle Council minutes

Angela Warwick from Situ8 Planning Consultancy provided Members with an update regarding the application that she has been working on for the housing development on the land off Trevassack/Viaduct Hill. She explained that the delay in submitting the application had been partially as a result of feedback from some of the consultees and consequently some amendments had to be made. Historic England was not in favour of the height of the 3 storey block of flats and so now Ms Warwick was looking at changing the layout to include more houses and bungalows but it was envisaged that the overall number of dwellings would remain the same. Highways had expressed concerns so new proposals to ease traffic movement would be introduced, including some one way sections. It was intended that the scheme will also provide footpaths along the main road, from the Football Club leading along to Highlanes.

The cost of these amended works wou ld be in the region of £380,00 0. She went on to explain that the second issue was that Cornwall Council also wanted a contribution of £350,000 for improvements to Highways. She explained that she felt this contribution was unjust arguing that t he development was already providing enough in terms of community benefit, in her opinion. She was currently in negotiations with Cornwall Council about this matter and wanted to bring the matter to some sort of resolution at the earliest opportunity in order to submit the planning application . Ms Warwick explained that unless the contribution was waived she feared that the developers may have to revisit the number of affordable homes the development could deliver.

[7.25p.m. Councillor Capper joined the meeting.]

Councillor Coombe, in his capacity as local Cornwall Council Ward Member , undertook to broker a meeting with representatives of Situ8 and the planning officers.


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