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160904 | VIDEO: Harbour sluices reopen at Hayle in Cornwall after nearly 50 years - YouTube


On August 31st 2016 after 43 years the sluices at Hayle Harbour were restarted. The sluices were restarted by Council Leader John Pollard and Town Mayor Nick Farrar. The work on the sluices were commissioned by former owners ING and completed by present owners Sennybridge.

Many people campaigned for sluicing and the end of the practice of sand selling most notably Rob Lello, Peter Jamieson, Tim Hocking, Clive Polkinghorne, Howard Lyons and Ged Egan. The practice of sand selling was ended after intervention from the then Harbourmaster Mark Capon and Gary Cartmell which was endorsed by Guy Parker and Simon Clarke.

Present Mayor Nick Farrar called it a historic day and previous Mayors John Bennett, Graham Coad and Jayne Ninnes all promoted the importance of the harbour to the Town and the need to reintroduce sluicing to the channel.

Short film on restoration of sluices and why its important to the Harbour and town