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200201 | Haylestones


Do you know of any marker or boundary stones in the Hayle area? I home-published a small booklet about them a couple of years ago but would like to update it and produce it as a proper book.

I know about most of the obvious ones -the 4 numbered milestones from Penpol Road to Connor Downs; Harvey/CCC marked posts; the GWR stone by the  34greenhouse on the King George Memorial Walk, etc., but there are many more. We are lucky they are still here and I'd like to record what the town has at the moment.

I am particularly keen to locate any of the stubby, square-section numbered ones dotted about the Towans. Does anyone know what they are numbering? Dynamite huts perhaps? Most are well hidden in the marram grass. I found one by accident -I fell over it.

Be that as it may... I have located many with the use of 1970 Ordnance maps held at the Hayle Heritage Centre, but ifreaders can enlighten me about those which may be unknown to me, or the purpose of any of them please contact me at

Any contributors will receive a credit in the book.

While on the subject, there is a Harvey's boundary stone in a perilous position beside the coast path at Black Cliff. I am in the process of trying to get it moved away from the edge, but those with the power need persuading it is worth saving. Could anyone who doesn't want to lose this important artefact please go to the Cornwall Council website and find the section 'Public Rights of Way Issue'. The location is: SW 55705 38991 and it is on footpath 102/9. Coastal erosion has caused it to be an issue and it needs to be relocated near to its original position, but far enough from the edge not to be lost forever -or kill someone unfortunate enough to be walking on the beach.

Thank you.

Linda King.