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200916 | Drone footage reveals what Hayle harbour redevelopment could look like

Drone footage reveals what Hayle harbour redevelopment could look like

Work is currently underway to turn North Quay into a bustling riverside quarter


A breathtaking video shows that the redevelopment of Hayle harbour could look like.

The drone and CGI footage, shared with Cornwall Live by Corinthian Homes, unveils the ambitious plans the developers have to turn a mostly derelict harbour and brownfield site into one of Cornwall’s most attractive and vibrant destinations.

Work is currently underway at North Quay.

Phase 1 will feature approximately 140 properties over eleven buildings, including 17 three-bedroom wharf-style houses and one, two and three-bedroom apartments, many with views over the Hayle estuary.

It also includes the development of North Quay Square, which will host events all year round, and some 20 retail units for offices, shops and restaurants, creating a bustling café culture.

Phase 2, which hasn’t been approved by Cornwall Council yet, would include a new hotel and community centre, improved water sport and harbour facilities, a cinema and new open-market and affordable homes.

Although the first residents will move into some of the new homes in the autumn, completing the harbour’s makeover will take years.

Drone and CGI footage shows what the redevelopment of Hayle harbour could look like (Image: Corinthian Homes)

Major ground works are currently being carried out to create two underground car parks near Cannery Row. There will be space for 268 parking spaces as well as surfboard and wetsuit storage.

On the commercial side of the development, things are also shaping up.

The new quarter will include an art centre, a wedding venue overlooking the river, shops - and some of the units have already been allocated.

Simon Wright, chief executive of developer Corinthian Homes, previously said: "We’ve already got two restaurants, a gin distillery and one hotel signed up," adding that he is also in talks with a local artisan baker.

A planning application has been submitted for Phase 2 of the scheme.

It includes 377 homes, a new hotel, a multifunction community hall, improved water sports facilities, cinema, an art gallery, a water sports centre, improved facilities for local fishermen, additional moorings and a new pedestrian footbridge to East Quay.

Drone and CGI footage shows what the redevelopment of Hayle harbour could look like

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