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220412 | Cornwall residents and visitors urged take Covid seriously as free testing ends 'Don’t pretend Covid has disappeared'

‘Don’t pretend Covid has disappeared!’ This is the message to Cornwall’s residents and visitors ahead of the busy Easter break.

People are also reminded that all Covid-19 testing sites are now closed as part of the Government’s Living with Covid strategy and move to end free testing for the general population.

Some people – including those living and working in health and care settings – will still have access to free tests but the majority will have the option of purchasing them. More information on this will be available on the Government website.


Living safely with covid


Cases remain incredibly high across our communities so it is vital everyone continues to take precautions to limit the spread of the virus.

Cornwall’s Public Health team recommends the following measures:

  • Follow hands, face, space, fresh air guidance.
  • If you have symptoms of Covid or winter illness, test positive for Covid or have a temperature, stay at home for 5 days if you can.
  • After the 5 days please still try to avoid spending time with people who may be vulnerable to the virus. If you can, please be responsible and don’t go to work if you are ill.
  • Avoid as much contact with other people as possible if you are a close contact of someone who has Covid-19.
  • If you have to leave home, please wear a face covering and avoid spending time in crowed places or meeting vulnerable people.
  • Get vaccinated: vaccines are still one of the best defences, they can reduce the risk of serious illness and help stop the spread of the virus.

Cllr Dr Andy Virr, Portfolio Holder for Adults and Public Health and Emergency Department consultant at the Royal Cornwall Hospital, said:

“I can’t stress enough just how rampant the virus is in Cornwall right now – it is everywhere. There is also a preconception that it is nothing to be feared or worried about, but I can assure people that the current variant is still making a lot of people very ill with the ongoing threat that future variants could be even more harmful.
"This is not just a mild cold for most people and we all need to take it very seriously indeed. So please get jabbed and take precautions to stop Covid spreading through our communities.”

Rachel Wigglesworth, Director of Public Health for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, said:

“The Public Health team has been working hard throughout the pandemic to keep residents and visitors as safe as possible from Covid, and will continue to do so. But we can’t do this if people pretend the virus doesn’t exist and forget about all the ways we can effectively stop transmission.
“So please remember the basics – ‘hands, face and space’, keep a face covering with you, stay at home if you’re unwell, and get your vaccines. Only by acting responsibly can we hope to live safely with Covid.”


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