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December 2010 | hayle harbour :: New image of South Quay proposals revealed

New image of South Quay proposals revealed

A new image showing the regeneration of Hayle Harbour and South Quay has been released by ING as part of the company's application to Cornwall Council to vary its planning consent on South Quay.

In 2008 ING received outline approval to build 260 apartments on South Quay as part of its plans for Hayle Harbour.

The Company has now deposited plans for a new for vibrant scheme for South Quay which includes a large amount of public open space, a new feature restaurant, a foodstore, a state of the art cinema, twenty four town houses, six apartments and a social hub café.

South Quay was previously earmarked to be the last phase of development in the harbour, but has been moved forward to Phase 1 after feedback from Stakeholders who wanted South Quay to be brought forward to create a more balanced development.

South Quay has always proved to be a challenge for developers, due to the large costs involved in stabilizing the quay and restoring and preserving the magnificent quay side and harbour walls around South Quay, which are one of the marvels of Victorian marine engineering.

South Quay was built by Harvey and Co in 1819 and is a listed structure. The restoration of the Harbour walls and the Quayside not including the extensive Flood defence costs will be in the region of £1.67 million. The new flood protection measures will cost £2.22 million

The standard of the walkways with lighting and contemporary balustrades will be exceptional. The cost of this is £2 million. The cost of the new Penpol Footbridge alone will be approximately £500,000.

A new food store is included in the proposals and whilst Hayle has a number of very successful and well supported retailers it is generally accepted that the lack of retail choice in Hayle is causing residents and visitors to shop outside of Hayle.

The new retail mix will claw back that leaking spend and persuade people that they do not need to shop out of town. The new Parking facility and the footpath across to Penpol terrace creates a retail circuit that will encourage shoppers to vary their spend in a number of shops.

A new cinema will provide a lively point of entrance to South Quay, which will hopefully mean we can persuade a large percentage of the many visitors to the Hayle area, who currently don't visit the town to spend time in Hayle.

The superb walkways and feature restaurant on the tip of South Quay will be a destination location that will be magnetic to visitors, residents and local businesses.

The redevelopment of South Quay will be extremely expensive, the new proposals will help inject the significant levels of investment required to make the regeneration a reality. It will keep money in Hayle and ensure that out of town shopping locations such as Loggans Moor, which attract shoppers from all of West Cornwall, do not overtrade at the expense of Hayle.

A three day consultation in September at the White Hart Hotel in Hayle revealed high levels of support for the scheme. A secret ballot overseen by two officers from Devon and Cornwall Constabulary and observed by a Steward from the Hayle Methodist Chapel showed that 79% of those taking part in the ballot were in favour of the plans.

>> Click here to download the Statement of Community Involvement as a PDF

The Masterplan for Hayle Harbour

ING second bridge returns

Now that's interesting, the second bridge makes a return...

... also interesting how the Aerial view acts to foreshorten the 'raised development platform', sure that must be a co-incidence and not meant to be misleading...

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