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Hayle Town Council elections 6 May 2021

Hayle West (10 seats)

Hayle East (5 seats) - Angarrack is in Hayle East Ward

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Arrangements for Hayle Town Council

Hayle Town Council has seats for 15 councillors, which between them, serve 2 wards in the Parish area of Hayle, which includes Phillack and Angarrack.

Following the Electoral Review in 2019 and the more recent Community Governance Review the ward boundaries of the Parish have changed so that the following seats will be contested in the 2021 elections:

  • Hayle West (10 seats)
  • Hayle East (5 seats)

To see the new ward boundaries in more detail visit Cornwall Council’s interactive map.

Note: A councillor can stand and represent any ward in the Hayle Area, not necessarily where they live or work. The Council elected in May will serve until the first week of May 2025 (a 4 year term of office).