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Velling-Varine, Sunday 8 August 1743 | Charles Wesley

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The Wesleys in Cornwall, 1743–1789: A Record of Their Activities Town by Town

By Samuel J. Rogal


According to the editors of the most recent edition of Charles Wesley's Manuscript Journal, "Verine" refers to a family name in Cornwall, while "vellan" translates to "mill" - thus the locale to which the younger Wesley referred might have been a local mill at some point ,in southern Cornwall, along the eleven to thirteen-mile route between St Ives and  Gwennap, or, perhaps, a hamlet close to that mill.  Nonetheless, neither of those sites has come to light, In any event, Charles Wesley, at 8:00 a.m., Sunday, 8th August 1743, preaches "faith in Christ to many listening souls in Velling-Varine"  - the preposition in suggesting a town or village, rather than a mill. Wesley appeared convinced that the gathering "received the word with surprising readiness," their "tears and hearty expressions of love" evidencing "a work begun in their hearts" (2:368 _ note 88)
And yet Charles Wesley himself says
Sun., August 7th. At four I took my leave of the Society, with that apostolical prayer: "And the very God of peace sanctify you wholly," &c. Great grace was upon them all. Their prayers and tears of love I shall never forget. I  nothing doubt, if I follow their faith, that I shall meet them in the new Jerusalem.

At six we left the lions' den, with about twenty horse. Some would have us take a back - way; but I would not go forth  with haste, or by flight, and therefore rode slowly through the largest street, in the face of our enemies.

At eight I preached faith in Christ to many listening souls, in Velling - Varine: they received the word with surprising  readiness. Their tears, and hearty expressions of love, convince me there is a work begun in their hearts.

I rode on rejoicing to Gwennap. As soon as I went forth, I saw the end of my coming to Cornwall, and of Satan's  opposition. Such a company assembled, as I have not seen, excepting some few times at Kennington. By their looks  I perceived they all heard, while I lifted up my voice like a trumpet, and testified, "God sent his Son to be the  Saviour of  the world." The convincing Spirit was in the midst, as I have seldom, if ever, known. Most of the gentry from  Redruth were just before me, and so hemmed in, that they could not escape. For an hour my voice was heard by all,  and  reached farther than their outward ears. I am inclined to think that most present were convinced of righteousness  or of sin. God  hath now set before us an open door, and who shall be able to shut it?

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