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220627 | 40 new homes in village | Connor Downs | and north west of Angarrack Lane, Connor Downs


40 new homes in village

What the development would look like

This is an outline application for 40 units with associated open space for the land north west of Angarrack Lane, Connor Downs, Hayle.

It was submitted by PCL Planning Ltd on behalf of Treveth Holdings LLP, a company owned by Cornwall Council.

The applications reads: "Proposed buildings will not exceed two storeys in height and will be arranged to front streets, creating a safe and attractive public realm. Proposed streets will have limited footways with grass verges and narrow sections of shared streets where possible to reflect the rural character of the site.

"The development is looking to deliver 40 homes of a mixed tenure. It will be affordable led, with some open market units to support viability as necessary."

One objection has been submitted so far on the planning portal. Mark Bolt wrote: "I am a resident of Angarrack, the access of which is via Angarrack Lane. The road is narrow and in places single track and then once in the village the incline of the road causes traffic to travel at excess speed.

"This road is currently very busy and often used as a local "rat run" when there are problems on the A30. To add an additional 40 homes accessing this road will increase the flow of traffic through the village adding to the problems that already exist."

Cornwall Council will consider application PA22/05411 by Monday, September 19.

The properties would be built on land off Angarrack Lane, Connor Downs
A map of the site in the planning documents