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Dear Jeremy,

Response to the planning application for a foodstore and associated development on an
out-of-centre site adjacent to West Cornwall Shopping Park at Marsh Lane, Hayle (LPA
Reference: PA10/04297).

This letter sets out our response on behalf of our client ING RED (Hayle Harbour) Limited (‘ING’) to the July 2010 Retail Assessment (‘RA’) by WYG Planning & Design (WYG) prepared in support of the application by Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Limited for a new foodstore at Marsh Lane, Hayle (Reference: PA10/04297). The application site is in an out-of-centre location on land adjacent to the West Cornwall Shopping Park.

Our response to WYG’s RA has been prepared in the context of the extant development plan policies relating to retail planning matters and other material considerations, specifically PPS4 ‘Planning for Sustainable Economic Growth’ (Policies EC10, EC14, EC15, EC16 and EC17). We also refer to:

  • the Penwith Retail Study (PRS) prepared by GVA Grimley in December 2007 for Penwith


District Council to help inform the plan-making process; and

  • GVA Grimley’s March 2010 assessment of the retail planning matters pertaining to the

previous proposed foodstores at South Quay and Marsh Lane, both of which were subsequently withdrawn by the applicants.