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240224 | Doomed Hayle North Quay development through the years - in pictures

Doomed Hayle North Quay development through the years - in pictures

Seven aerial pictures show the site throughout the past five years in the wake of the developers going into administration

The North Quay development at Hayle - in pictures
The North Quay development at Hayle - in pictures

With work on one of Cornwall's most controversial developments grinding to a halt earlier this month, pictures reveal what the site looked like five years ago before any work had begun - and the progress made since then.

Construction has completely stopped on a block of flats at the site of North Quay in Hayle as administrators were called in on February 7. Eight companies involved in the North Quay development project, including Corinthian Homes, are now in administration.

The construction site is currently locked up and administrators have been seen walking around the site. It's been compared to a "sea of despair" as locals have reacted to the now derelict scenes at the harbour, where at least 44 flats and houses have already been purchased and are now indefinitely surrounded by a construction site.

READ MORE: Eight companies go bust in North Quay development collapse

READ MORE: Collapsed North Quay development in Hayle described as a 'sea of despair'

One of Cornwall's biggest, most high-profile developments in recent years, the North Quay housing scheme site, which includes Hayle's operational harbour, is said to have "entered a new phase". It's as London-based insolvency specialists Moorfields Corporate Recovery was appointed to deal with the fallout.

Now seven images, provided by Cornwall councillor for Hayle Peter Channon, show how the site has evolved since it was first cleared and prepared for development in February 2019 - right up to May of 2023.


"The whole thing is not very good for Hayle and it's going to be a while until it all unravels but we're going through the procedures at the moment and the administrators will make a decision in due course," he told CornwallLive last week. "Its history and heritage are so important to the town. It has done a huge amount for Hayle and Cornwall and deserves a secure, loved future."

He said the circumstances are sad for the area and the town has very much felt "in limbo" for a long time over the development. "From a local point of view, it is just such an intrinsic part of Hayle. But what happened here, we can't control.

"Nothing has ever been normal on this site. It really was never normal so it's not a shock. No one can truly say what's going to happen but the best we can hope for is to get some security back into the equation." Read that full story, here. Scroll down for the photos.

  • 5.11.20

    The first property was sold just a month after this picture was taken, with more exchanging in early 2021.

    (Image: P CHANNON)
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  • 22.2.21

    By February the first phase of 17 three-bedroom houses at nine Rew an Borthva was pretty much completed and you can see progress being made on the apartment building Chi an Treth for which properties started selling in June 2022.

    (Image: P CHANNON) 6 of 7
  • 6.5.23

    By May 2023 it seems work had slowed significantly on site and while the first phase of flats had sold, the commercial spaces on the ground floor were never completed.

    (Image: P CHANNON) 7 of 7

    Doomed Hayle North Quay development through the years - in pictures February 2024

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