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Christmas Lights

Newsletter July 2011

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July, 2011
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Treasure Hunt and BBQ Starts Friday 29th July 6pm at The Angarrack Inn! There will be a Treasure Hunt in aid of the Christmas lights taking place this Friday 29th July starting at 6pm at the pub car park. Follow a circular trail round the village collecting some odds and ends and see how many of our questions you can answer… The trail ends back at the pub where there will be a BBQ to help revive you! Lights Go Up 1st week in Nov. We are always looking for volunteers to help put up the lights so if you can help during the first week of November please let us know! Contact Nikki on 01736 752827 or Russell on 01736 759458 so that we can plan work parties! All help appreciated!! The Angarrack Lights committee thank you all for your continued support. Your help and donations are greatly appreciated.


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