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220407 | Pipework not shown on maps; classed as land drainage; told not SWW infrastructure, yet still had to pay SWW bills

Mel Sheridan asked for a video to be shown on the projector depicting the water pipe which
has caused her 10 years of ongoing problems. She explained that the pipework was not shown
on any maps and was classed as land drainage. Mel said that she has previously asked George
Eustice MP to try and get South West Water (SWW) to adopt the pipework, but she felt he had
not helped due to an incorrect report from Cornwall Council (CC).  She questioned why she
should be paying council tax and /or water rates.  She asked for Hayle Town Council (HTC) to
call a meeting on the subject with George Eustice MP, Loveday Jenkins and John Martin.  It
was noted that HTC had already written to George Eustice MP requesting a meeting but to date  read more »

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