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170708 | Land Rover emerges from sand at Gwithian beach after getting stuck almost 30 years ago | Cornwall Live

Land Rover emerges from sand at Gwithian beach after getting stuck almost 30 years ago

By CMphotogreg | Posted: July 08, 2017

Greg Martin landrover7

The remains of the Land Rover

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Visitors to Gwithian beach may have spotted an unusual wreck emerging from the sand at low tide in recent weeks.

Shifting sands and big spring tides have revealed part of a Land Rover that got stuck there almost 30 years ago.


The most prominent part of the vehicle, the rear passenger side wheel, complete with a tyre that still appears to be full of air, has appeared and disappeared over the decades as the sand has moved.

However, last week, the chassis could also be seen as more of the Land Rover was uncovered at the beach.

Greg Martin

Upside- down and buried at the low water line on Gwithian beach below Mexico Towans and Beachside Holiday Park, the Land Rover has been stuck there since January 13, 1990.

Courtesy of Gina Uren

With 'Merry Christmas Cornwall' still painted on the side of it, the vehicle's owner, Ronnie Hanney, had driven his wife Margaret and daughters Gina and Vikki down to the water's edge that day and it got stuck in soft sand.

Courtesy of Gina Uren

Gina Uren, who was 16 years old at the time, recalled: "It was one of the most embarrassing days of my life. We had parked up down by the shoreline, but we were in soft sand and when we tried to move the back wheels just kept spinning.

"The tide had turned and we couldn't get out in time, so I ran back up to the slip to try to find someone to help while people started to gather on the headland to watch.

"Once the water reached the Land Rover we couldn't do any more and we had to leave it.

"The funniest thing was, when my dad went back with a spade the next day to dig it out, all that was sticking out of the sand was the chassis and four wheels."

Courtesy of Gina Uren

Ronnie Hanney stands by his Land Rover the day after it got stuck.

Later that week, under the headline 'Land Rover Wrecked', a short article in The Cornishman reported the unfortunate event:

"The sand flats below Hayle Towans claimed an unusual wreck earlier this week when a 22- year-old Land Rover dropped into a hole and refused to budge.

"Mr Ron Hanney of Water Lane, Hayle, owner of the disaster stricken vehicle, rushed home to get a tractor and pull it out, but the tide won the race."

Greg Martin

Though he was understandably upset at the time, Gina admits that after a few years her dad saw the funny side of it.

Greg Martin

Ronnie Hanney died at home in Hayle in December 2015, aged 69.

"In a way it's nice that he has left a legacy that is now part of Hayle, as he loved it here," said Gina. "Although, obviously it's not so good for the environment."

Greg Martin

Greg Martin

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Ronnie Hanney stands by his Land Rover the day after it got stuck.

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